Modern Attic Design Ideas20
Modern Attic Design Ideas20

23 Modern Attic Design Ideas

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Oh, the things we find in homes that we see during a Home Inspection…

As the owner of a Raleigh Home Inspection firm and professional Raleigh Home Inspector for over 15 years, the unsafe condition of attic pull-down stairs are one of the most common issues that we see on a routine basis.
Attic pull-down stairs are installed to make an upper attic space more readily accessible. The folding stair units are typically constructed of wood, and sometimes of metal. They are sectional…in that they “fold up”…and when closed they are mostly contained above the ceiling with the bulk of the assembly being mostly “out of sight”.

What we find is that they are often damaged…or have just plainly been installed incorrectly. And a damaged or improperly installed pull-down stair unit is nothing short of a safety hazard. It is of the utmost importance that these stair units be properly installed and maintained in a good damage-free condition. Too, pull-down stairs are an often ignored, much taken-for-granted, and sometimes physically abused component that should not be considered lightly.


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