Amazing And Modern Mediterranean Architecture Decoration23
Amazing And Modern Mediterranean Architecture Decoration23

25 Amazing And Modern Mediterranean Architecture Decoration

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Mediterranean architecture was especially popular between 1915 and 1940, and still remains one of the most popular ones there is. The Mediterranean architecture was deeply influenced by the fact that these parts include three very different continents: Europe(Spain, Greece, France, Italy and the Balkan), Asia (Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon) and Africa(Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya), and they have had a very long and prolific history with many civilizations. It was used all over the world, for designing buildings in places like California or Florida, that were inspired by the buildings in the Mediterranean, due to the fact that they have the same climate. These structures are specific for having elements like courtyards or terraces.

Mediterranean houses have some elements that raise their aesthetics. For example, they have porticos supported with Doric columns, balconies with parapet walls, and colonnades with keystones on the top. There can be chandeliers and mantelpieces inside, and gardens, with decorative landscape plants, and fountains outside.

The buildings can have open porches, divine towers and tall turrets, spiral staircases and a loggia(a chain of arches supported by columns). The houses can be situated next to the ocean or built in the hills. Most of the houses have window grilles made out of wood, because they have to withstand different weather conditions like rain, sun, wind and salt from the sea.


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