Amazing Backyard Garden Playground Ideas39
Amazing Backyard Garden Playground Ideas39

43 Amazing Backyard Garden Playground Ideas

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Even at a young age kids can have noticeable differences in their play preferences, but if there’s one thing almost all kids love, boy or girl, it’s a trip to the park. Things to climb up, slide down, squeeze through, swing on, hide under and behind and whatever else their imaginations can conjure provides one big adventure for them.

But you already have the park – so what possible benefits could there be to purchasing something for the backyard?

More frequent use…

Although we all love to take our kids to the park as often as possible, not everyone lives close enough by the park or has the time. Sometimes the kids ask to go to the park and we just don’t have the time or means to take them – with backyard playground sets, it’s all there ready to be used right away, so the kids can even get 10 minutes supervised use if you’re pushed for time, which is better than nothing at all.

Great for occupying the kids during parties and get-togethers…

When inviting friends over who have small children, or even hosting a children’s party, having something that’s fun and varied for the garden is great to occupy the kids. [I always recommend supervising small children on any kind of climbing frame, however, to make sure they don’t fall.]


Many times the park is washed out with everything soaked through with rain. With smaller-sized plastic playground sets they can be placed under a tarp when not in use to keep them dry for when the rain stops, or better yet, left under a permanently set up canopy so even when it’s raining the kids can have fun.


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