49 Astonishing Farmhouses Country Kitchen Design Ideas

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A white country kitchen is a bright and cheerful place. It has character, but at the same time it’s very neutral. You won’t have a lot of accessories in this kind of these design which is choose a little bit unusual for a country theme. This is a little bit more streamlined and contemporary. Here are a few tips for decorating a white country kitchen.

Make country accessories sophisticated just by keeping them all the same color. You don’t have to have a lot of old signs and tin cans in the room. Instead, focus on pieces that are beautiful and functional. You can collect a lot of white ceramic jars or plates to be displayed on the china hutch. This won’t be cluttered because all of the items will relate to each other. Be aware that you’ll really only need one collection per room so that your favorite items really get the focus.

Make your white cabinets interesting. You might be able to find a lot of architectural details that you could glue onto doors or use as molding. You can turn an old window frame into artwork. This can really spice up basic white cabinets and also helps you continue the neutral theme throughout your room. Another option would be to install lighting. Under cabinet lighting is great for task lighting and at the same time it really helps brighten things up. This way your basic white cabinetry will look sophisticated and elegant.

Go high end. A white country kitchen can still have high end elements like a marble countertop which will be fantastic for baking. You can intersperse this with cheaper white tile flooring. This allows you to really get the materials that you love the most and save money at the same time. Having a few luxurious elements will make your entire room feel high and. They can be the focal point of your space.

Find ways to hide modern conveniences. You could add cabinet doors to your appliances or go with a very high end finish. Another option would be just to go with white appliances. These are cheap and basic but it will really blend in. You don’t want modern conveniences to be the focal point of your room. Instead the focus should be on beautiful rustic elements that will really bring in a farmhouse feeling.

Add in a natural countertop. This is an easy way to get a rustic feeling in your room. Butcher block countertops are one of the least expensive countertops out there. It will bring a little bit of color to your space but at the same time it will still be neutral. Be aware that these do require a lot of care and you can’t just cut on top of them the way you would a stone countertop. However it can add a lot of charm and character to your kitchen if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work


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