45 A Contemporary La House By Studio Guilherme Torres

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There are many types of houses, from Spanish-Mediterranean to French chateaus and English Colonial styles. But if you are like me, you may want to explore outside of the box and try a new design for your abode. And what appears to be the latest in the real estate market, although it’s been around for quite some time, is the Contemporary Mediterranean concept. This type of house is boxy and the walls and rooftops are usually made from cement. Unlike modified colonial houses, this one does not have that old world charm. At first glance, what you would think of is modernity. The windows are simple sliding glasses which complement the boxy structure. Most Contemporary Mediterranean houses do not have second flooring that’s why you can usually see this type in the rural areas or where it is mostly sunny and dry.

There are many advantages of choosing the Contemporary Mediterranean design but the best advantage is its being low maintenance. If you ask why, it’s because it has simple lines and roofing. It does not have the intricacy of colonial houses that come with huge foyers and high walls and ceilings with unreachable chandeliers. Many homes now have walls that are plain with no added details so they are easier to clean and renovate.

If you are the type who likes old world styles, this type of design may not be attractive, but the difference between houses built in the 1800s to the 1900s and in modern times are not only evident on the exterior but also on the interior. Today’s houses are usually of a minimalistic design concept. So if you like chandeliers and a carpeted foyer with sweeping stairs, this may not be the house for you. The good thing, however, is you can have the modern exterior look while modifying the interior to look old-world. By just adding a few lighting fixtures, maybe even changing embedded lights with mini-chandeliers, you can easily have that old world look.

Another good thing about these houses is you can incorporate technology and new, modern furniture into the whole design of the house. For example, if you like everything to be automated, then you might even incorporate sensors for switching your lights on and off. You can even have an escalator. This is because the minimalistic concept is very flexible that you can make everything go with everything and still maintain a fabulous look


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