40 Clever Tips How To Make Your Living Room To Look Bright Spacious

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One place in a lot of peoples homes which builds up a lot of clutter is the
living room. For most of us this is the most used room in the home. How can
we keep it clutter free, but yet warm and inviting? This article will give
some tips on how to achieve this. Read on and learn how to declutter fast.

First, analyze and think what you want to use this room for. Is it for entertainment,
a family room where the children will use the room as well, do you also have
your home office there as well, or does the room have a multi purpose? If so designate
an area in the room for each purpose i.e. office area or entertainment area etc.

Next, arm yourself with the right tools to declutter fast. Get three bags, one for put
away, one for throw away and one for give away. Start with one area in your room,
this could be the entertainment area or the children’s play area. Go through everything
in that area. If you use something in that area regularly keep it, otherwise if you
did not even know you had it or you use it sometimes then put it in one of the other bags.
Make sure you have the right storage solution for those items you will be keeping, i.e. CDs are stored in a CD holder or a cabinet.

Tackle the whole room this way. One area at a time and before you know it your whole room will be decluttered fast.

Other things that can start to clutter the living room are newspapers,
magazines and children’s toys. The best way to tackle this is to use really good and
clever storage in the room. Have a newspaper stand for newspapers and magazines or buy
a coffee table with storage beneath it. Use pretty boxes or trunks for children’s toys
or other everyday items that are used, these can also double up as side tables. If
you have some extra space near your window you could have a window
seat built which will provide extra seating space and also use the space underneath it as
storage space. Clever and useful storage can really control clutter in a room.

Remember that clutter does not have to dominate your life, you just need to know how
to tackle it. Clutter builds over time so learn how to declutter fast and to keep on
top of it.


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