47 Classy Closet Storage Solutions For Your Clothes

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Anyone can benefit from getting more organized. A cluttered environment can be a risk to your health physically and mentally, with risks ranging from such everyday things as tripping hazards to stress to more rare but severe development of a hoarding disorder. One area that almost every home could see improvement in is closet storage. Closets are meant to be places where things are put away, and the better organized they are, the easier it is to put things away in them: which means that a well organized closet can lead to a healthier home environment.

Answers to closet storage can range from expensive, custom designed organization centers to more affordable and creative arrangements that make use of crates, bins, and new uses for regular household items. The high end systems can be made from cedar to give your clothing aromatic protection from moths while organizing your possessions in style; from metal, for a more modern and less expensive arrangement; or from wire coated in plastic, for the least expensive and most utilitarian storage system.

These custom systems are made from such components as drawers that are either solid or wire to allow air flow, shelves in sizes to fit anything from sweaters to shoes, racks specially designed for shoes or ties, and plenty of space on horizontal poles to hold clothes on standard hangers. They are built sturdy enough to hold boxes of prized possessions in storage, not just the every day burden of clothing and shoes.

If you do not have hundreds of dollars to invest in an all-inclusive solution, but prefer their appearance, some systems are sold in individual components that can be bought a few at a time, gradually building your closet system as your finances allow. These systems tend to be of wire or of pressed wood, and feature cubes that can be fit with doors, drawers, or cubes of stiffened fabric; cabinets with a single shelf and latching doors; and rectangular shelf units that can be purchased with or without drawers. Units with separate components for shoes or other small items are another special option.

For those who are looking for closet storage at a lesser price, milk crates are a classic answer to storage needs. With 2×4 boards resting between to serve as shelves and a few bins to hold items together, crates are an affordable answer to the problem of keeping things sorted


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